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Rich & Mellow

    Rich & Mellow

    ₱5,565.00 ₱7,950.00

    This bundle includes the ff.

    1 x Bernheim Original Wheat 750mL

    1 x Larceny 750mL

    1 x Mellow Corn 750mL


    Bernheim was the first straight wheat whiskey to be launched on the US market and is bottled at seven years of age.


    Nose: Warm and sweet with buttered granary toast, a hint of salt, mixed spices and a distinct morello cherry character. Cooked fruit and a defined bakery note.
    Palate: Quite full and sweet. Freshly baked sweet buns, a stewed fruit note and a mixed nut character. There are hints of tuck shop favourites and a touch of spearmint.
    Finish: Long and slightly dry with toasty spices.


    Terrific Kentucky bourbon, named for one of the more colourful character in whiskey history. Y'see, John E. Fitzgerald was a bonded treasury agent, one of the only people to carry keys to the storage warehouses. He was also something of a whiskey enthusiast, and didn't mind using the aforementioned keys to get at some of whiskey with the barrels inside the aforementioned storage warehouses.

    The bourbon itself makes use of wheat, rather than the more commonly used rye, as the second grain, making for a mellow, creamy expression.

    Tasting Notes:
    Nose: Brioche dipped in fruity coffee, cedar, a kick of aromatic coriander.
    Palate: Buttered corn, molasses, malt loaf, slowly build Christmas spices.
    Finish: Peppery at first, though soon enough the fruity coffee notes return and give it a sweet profile.

    Mellow Corn

    Mellow Corn is a straight corn whiskey which has been aged in used Heaven Hill barrels. Unlike bourbon, which needs to have at least 51% corn in its mashbill and aged in new charred oak barrels, a corn whiskey must contain at least 80% corn in its mashbill and, if aged, can be aged in new uncharred or used oak barrels. Straight corn whiskey is corn whiskey that has been aged for 2 years or more.


    Nose: Along with the corn, a healthy dose of vanilla, sweet plantains, and light oak are layered in.
    Taste: Corn, rich vanilla, dried banana chips, toasted oak, and mixed nuts are all present and easy to pick out thanks to a light mouthfeel.

    Finish: This uncomplicated Finish consists of vanilla and corn as the predominate flavors, followed only by the slightest hint of fruit juice.

    Diet: Keto Friendly
    Size: Most Bottles are 700ml Unless Otherwise Stated
    Are These Real? 100% Legit