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Plymouth English Gin


Experience wonderfully fresh juniper and lemony bite with deeper earthy notes. It has a slight sweetness with extraordinary concentration and complexity, where no single botanical dominates the overall flavor.


Tasting Notes:

Colour :Crystal Clear

Nose :Rich, fresh aroma of juniper followed by notes of coriander and cardamom.

Palate :Extremely smooth, creamy and full bodied with a slight sweetness.


International Spirits Challenge 2021 – Double Gold Award

Classic Serve : The Marguerite

Ingredients :
• 2 parts Plymouth Gin Original
• 1 part French Dry Vermouth
• Dash of Orange Bitters

How to Serve :
• Fill mixing glass with ice
• Pour in all ingredients
• Stir well
• Strain into a Martini Glass
• Add Garnish

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