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Pernod Pastis


Created after the ban of Absinthe, Pernod becomes rapidly a source of inspiration on its own for artists – as seen in Picasso painting “Bouteille de Pernod et verre”.

Pernod is elaborated through the distillation of aromatic herbs, as opposed to pastis, which is obtained from soaking. A true international brand, Pernod is a globally exported aniseed spirit, distributed in more than 70 countries.


Tasting Notes:

Pernod premium taste is the result of a unique combination of star anise and fourteen different herbs (chamomile, veronica, coriander..)


Classic Serve : Pernod Basil

Ingredients :
• 1 part of Pernod Anise (2cl)
• 1 part of fresh lemon juice (2cl)
• 1 part of cane sugar syrup (2cl)
• 4 parts of sparkling water (8cl)
• 6-8 basil leave
• Ice

How to Serve :
• Add all the ingredients.
• Enjoy responsibly.

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