Gulden Draak Original Belgium Beer 4 Bottle Promo Pack w/Glass

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In preparation for the upcoming Game of Thrones series finale, we are offering this great Belgium Beer in a 4 pack and you get a beer goblet for free. Shipping is included.

Gulden Draak means Golden Dragon in Dutch, its name defines this beer.


Quality top-fermenting beer with a unique flavor

Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Color: Dark with caramel-coloured head
Alcohol by volume: 10.5%
Aroma: alcohol, roasted malt and coffee
Flavor: very full-bodied with notes of chocolate, caramel and alcohol
Finish: bittersweet and very long
Packaging: 33 cl

Secondary fermentation in both the bottle and keg ensures a shelf life of several years with continued flavor evolution.


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