Fabled Fish Vodka by Juan Brew

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We live in a beverage world full of choices, chasing that ‘perfect’ ready-to-drink-out-of-the-bottle-cocktail so a company can make a quick profit. We have forgotten what good beverages are: tools for creation.

Every great quality cocktail starts with a great quality blank canvas: a clean neutral alcohol base to flavor, and a clear crystal liquid to color. This is why they have created Juan Brew Fabled Fish Vodka, where spirit fermented from Philippine sugarcane, is triple-distilled for ultimate purity. Juan Brew Fabled Fish Vodka is the perfect foundation for your fine-crafter liquid masterpiece.

Join us on our beverage journey, enjoy a bottle of Juan Brew Fabled Fish Philippine Vodka. Mabuhay!

Style: Small-batch Craft Vodka
Kind: Alcoholic
ABV: 45.0%
Carbonation: None
Appearance: Clear liquid
Flavour Notes: Neutral alcohol aroma, buttery mouth feel, hints of salt in the finish.
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Neutral Spirit (from sugarcane).
Available packaging: 750ml Clear Glass Bottle.


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