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Fable Whisky - Chapter 5: Hound (Mannochmore 12yo, 59.4% ABV) (Rainy Season Sale)

The Mannochmore distillery lies just south of Elgin in Morayshire, at the heart of Speyside.

Mannochmore is a relatively recent addition to the area and the collection. Built on the site of the Glenlossie distillery in 1971, it draws its water from the Bardon Burn – whose ancient beds and banks contribute to the whisky’s direct personality. Mannochmore is one of the manifestations of the confidence of the 1960s – a situation which is currently being repeated. It was built by DCL (Distillers Company Limited ) in 1971 to cope with increasing demand internationally for blends.

It was managed by John Haig and Co. It was only comparatively recently - in 1992 - that single malt Scotch whisky was released from Mannochmore; for many years it had been a blending component and was a constituent of Haig blends. 

*All Fable Whiskies come in a beautifully embossed box with each bottle wrapped in durable gifting paper, and topped with a rubberised wax seal – which reflects the truly great quality of this spirit.

Tasting Notes


Ripe pear, honeydew melon, fine oak flavour. Ripened strawberries mixed with white grapes. Obvious aromas of pear, honey, herb garden.


Mango and pear storms forward followed by oak flavour. Very full-oily mouthfeel, the strawberry grape comes back, oily-crisp. A little forest honey. Candle wax mouthfeel. Green fruit. The finish is long. With water added - less of that toasted oak notes, bright green exotic fruit salad, fresh bread, very buttery.


An elegant expression from Mannochmore, even at 55% the honey-pear-mango essence with the most pleasant toasted oak notes. Fruit salad, long – medium finish very slightly astringent, spicy oak,fresh mint, creamy banana.