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Fable Whisky - Chapter 4: Bay (Benrinnes 9yo, 60.4% ABV) - Rainy Season Sale

Single malt bottlings of Benrinnes are extremely rare.

It is a remote distillery, situated 210 metres above sea level. The distillery spirit is heavy, meaty and quite sulphury, partly because of a complicated and unusual distillation process it used to use (still tasted in older bottlings) and partly because of the use of worm tubs - horizontal condensing pipes passing through very cold water ensuring a slow condensation.

The spirit is in high demand by blenders as a result.

*All Fable Whiskies come in a beautifully embossed box with each bottle wrapped in durable gifting paper, and topped with a rubberised wax seal – which reflects the truly great quality of this spirit.

Tasting Notes:


Bitter tangerine peel, dark chocolate, cold brew coffee, yeast and some slightly tart white wine. 


Pencil shavings , toasted oak and spices on the back end - cinnamon.With water added - slightly creamy, lemon curd, lemon barley sweetness.


More chalk , liquorice, vanilla, lemon candy, pineapple, and pear, wee touch of spiced oak in the back. The finish is medium- short, creamy, soft, stemmed ginger.