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Chairman's Reserve 1931 Rum rum LIQUOR PH 700ml

    Chairman's Reserve 1931 Rum

    • Product Type: rum
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    Chairman’s Reserve Limited Edition 1931 is a tribute to the rum
    philosophy and craft established by our founder, Denis Barnard,
    when he established his distillery in 1931, which has become today
    one of Saint Lucia’s most cherished treasures, St. Lucia Distillers.
    Blend and Maturation
    A seamless blend of Coffey and pot still rums aged from 6 to 11
    years in Bourbon and Port casks. The majority of the 1931 blend
    comes from traditional molasses rum, while the hidden spunk of
    the spirit is influenced by the inclusion of Lucian agricultural rum
    produced from fresh sugarcane growing in the fields adjacent to the

    Vibrant medium gold in color with a subtle bronze hue, the character
    of the rum is highlighted by the expressive aromas of honied raisins
    and vibrant toasty oak notes followed by hints of leather, spice and
    tobacco. A well-balanced mid-palate provides structure around
    flavors of rich sultana fruit with hints of crème caramel and buttery
    oak. At first a sweet raisin fruit, trailed by dry and tannic flavors
    from the oak barrels. A hint of grassy aromatic sweetness from the
    sugarcane distillate gives

    Diet: Keto Friendly
    Size: Most Bottles are 700ml Unless Otherwise Stated
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