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Camus Pionneau Cognac Millesime 1972 cognac LIQUOR PH 700ml

    Camus Pionneau Cognac Millesime 1972



    For Jacques Pionneau the continuity of a Cognac in the requirements and authenticity was a core value inducing excellence and emotion. In the 1970's he offered Michel Camus the chance to carry on the Pionneau tradition with the promise to use the name for only truly exceptional eaux-de-vie.

    The latest batch bearing the Pionneau by CAMUS stamp perfectly expresses the pure, shimmering light reflected by the chalky soils of Petite Champagne.

    Distilled in Boutiers St Trojan and aged in casks nos. 289163 and 289164, this 1972 vintage Petite Champagne Cognac was selected in January by our Cellar Master, Patrick Léger.

    At 43.8% vol., it combines elegance and balance in an intense concentration of aromas, partly thanks to 41 years’ ageing alternately in dry cellars and damp cellars.

    The golden tints of this cognac conceal a magnificent, delicate balance between the rancio of the Petite Champagne cru and subtle, exotic spices.

    Four hundred and eighteen liters and sixty centiliters have gone into this limited edition of just 598 individually numbered bottles.

    Diet: Keto Friendly
    Size: Most Bottles are 700ml Unless Otherwise Stated
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