CAMUS Cuvee 3.140

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Cuvée 3.140 by Cyril CAMUS; a Signature cognac at once famous and resolutely discreet, a name which evokes an exceptional length of flavour, a tradition and an ancestral expertise which has been devoted to producing exceptional Cognacs since 1863.

With this latest masterpiece, the cellar master’s quest for aesthetic and aromatic excellence is symbolised by the number 3. This refined blend is a combination of 3 cognacs with a guaranteed minimum age, matured in 3 different cellars and created from 3 different Crus of origin: Grande Champagne, Bons Bois and Petite Champagne.

With remarkable density and an astonishing vibrancy of flavour, the prominent woody notes are the result of years spent in wooden barrels in the cool, humid atmosphere of Cellar N°3 - the perfect conditions for maturing Cognac.

Cuvée 3.140 is a special limited edition, with only 950 bottles available.


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