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Bushmills 12 Year Old
Bushmills 12 Year Old

    Bushmills 12 Year Old



    Aged in Three Woods

    This is a whiskey for the connoisseur of aged malt whiskeys. To be savoured neat or with just a small drop of water, it is a proud expression of the centuries old tradition of malt whiskey distilling at the Old Bushmills Distillery.

    Maturing in Oloroso sherry and bourbon before finishing in marsala casks gives this unique single malt whiskey its rich dried fruit and sherry complexity.


    Tasting Notes:

    Casks: Bourbon, Sherry, and Marsala

    Color: Chestnut

    Nose: A full bodied intriguing aroma with dried fruit, spices and caramelised apple sweetness

    Taste: Rich honeyed character, spiced fruit and vanilla, nutty character with sweet caramelised brown sugar notes

    Finish: A strong and slightly dry finish, the complex flavours linger on the palate with warming ginger and spiced pear



    Diet: Keto Friendly
    Size: Most Bottles are 700ml Unless Otherwise Stated
    Are These Real? 100% Legit