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Balblair Trio: Balblair 1999 / 2004 / 2005 - Rainy Season Sale

This bundle includes the following:

1x Balblair 04 (1st Release), 1L 

1x Balblair 05 (1st Release) , 700 mL

1x Balblair 99 (2nd Release) 700 mL 

Important:  Due to age, there may be some staining on the boxes and/or bottles.  
Liquor.PH has been fortunate enough to procure ALL of Balblair's discontinued 2004 vintage!  
This hard to find whisky was released in 2017, only in select Travel Retail outlets.  We are now offering it in a special bundle with the (also discontinued) Balblair 1999 and 2005.  All three are great examples of Balblair's signature style of creamy, rich and citrusy whiskies.

Balblair 04 Tasting Notes:

Nose: Juicy blood orange, crushed almonds, brown sugar.

Palate: Quite nutty and sweet, though creamy vanilla and oak keep it grounded.

Finish: Citrus and waxy oak.

Balblair 05 Tasting Notes: 
Full bodied with the classic aromas of fresh green apples, ground spices and honey. The American oak ex-bourbon barrels used in maturation impart notes of oaky vanilla, leather and oranges with a hint of fragrant cut flowers and smoke.
Balblair’s signature style of citrus orchards is followed by intense sweetness of toffee and vanilla.
Rounded off by a deliciously spicy, long finish. The superb dram is bright and full of character, a ray of sunshine in a bottle.

Balblair 99 Tasting Notes: 

Nose: The Sherry oak takes hold of the nose with thick slices of warm Christmas cake and juicy raisins. Beneath you'll find apple peel and honey'd malt.

Palate: Sherry spices still at the fore, though the vanilla sweetness from the bourbon barrel shines through, as does some warm, oak-y touches.

Finish: Full and long.

Overall: Certainly a Summer dram, bright and pleasing.