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Cinzano Asti

Sweet and low in alcohol, this fresh, sparkling pearl is the expression of a territory. Made from 100% white muscat grapes, its elegant and rich bouquet tells of moments spent together, such as reunion afternoons with friends and family. N.B. This type of wine needs to be consumed young (1-1.5 years from production) to fully appreciate all its freshness. No ageing, no long stay in the cellar. Just enjoy it.

PRODUCTION: 100% White Moscato, grown and harvested by hand at the end of August-beginning of September, in the Asti area (Canelli, UNESCO heritage territory). Vinification: charmat (“short charmat”) method. Stainless steel tank refermentation.

PERLAGE: Fine, numerous and persistent.
COLOUR: Straw yellow, with light green reflections.
AROMA: Light and refreshing with sage and acacia on the nose.
TASTE: Full, sweet white peach and good freshness.
FOOD PAIRING: Desserts such as panettone or hazelnut cake, but also fresh salami, middle aged and aged cheese.
Suggestion: open it well chilled with simple sweet & savoury canapés. Very refreshing and low in alcohol, it is suitable for summer afternoons, as Italian tradition says.
PRIMARY OCCASIONS: Brunch, Afternoon, Dessert.

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