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Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey


Mellow Corn is a straight corn whiskey which has been aged in used Heaven Hill barrels. Unlike bourbon, which needs to have at least 51% corn in its mashbill and aged in new charred oak barrels, a corn whiskey must contain at least 80% corn in its mashbill and, if aged, can be aged in new uncharred or used oak barrels. Straight corn whiskey is corn whiskey that has been aged for 2 years or more.



Nose: Along with the corn, a healthy dose of vanilla, sweet plantains, and light oak are layered in.

Taste: Corn, rich vanilla, dried banana chips, toasted oak, and mixed nuts are all present and easy to pick out thanks to a light mouthfeel.

Finish: This uncomplicated Finish consists of vanilla and corn as the predominate flavors, followed only by the slightest hint of fruit juice.